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7:44pm 07-19-2014
Bonny J. Sweat
I have always and still today LOVE Wendy Bagwell and the Sunlighters. Southern Gospel music the right way! Thank you for singing for the Lord. I am looking for the complete words to a song you all sang. I had a recording from radio but it was cut off. Can you please give me the lyrcis to the entire song and tell me what album, if any, you recorded the song on. I'm not sure of the title, but here are the lyrics I have. Some say that the music is changing;
And the old sound is dead so they say.
You've got to have soul or at least rock and roll
In the songs that we're singing today.
We'll that may be true for some people;
But for me it just can't go wrong.
Sing a sweet melody and some close harmony
And you've got a good old gospel song.

Play me some gospel music and sing me a good ole gospel song
With a good gospel beat that starts moving my feet
And words we can all sing along.

Like there's power, power, wonder working power,
I'm on my way to Canaan Land standing on the promises of God.
Oh who will come and go with me.
10:07am 05-03-2014
Daryl Davenport
Dear Little Jan Buckner I first saw Wendy Bagwell, You, and Jerri on Black, and White TV at the age of 14 I have always loved music from age 4
preferably Southern Gospel the old hymns etc. I just fell in love with the group from that first time I saw you Wendy, Jerri, and Yourself are my all
time favorites I was blessed to see all of you in person twice at Rome City Auditorium in Rome, Ga. Our daughter is named Jan after you my wife
an me were thinking of names for a girl or boy she said how about Jan I said "YES" with you in my thoughts I have every LP, Cassette, and one
Video of all of you as you can see I have been a Fan of all of you I guess since 1961 I began learning Piano at age 16 been playing mostly Gospel Hymns, and Gospel Sheet Music since I learned to do that. Well just a little how much you have blessed me in my life I have ordered your Book look forward to reading it, and plan to buy your new Solo CD Take Care, and May God Always Bless You, and Bro. Jerry Goff in your continued Life, and Career Together. Daryl
10:38am 04-12-2014
Prof Sandee
Just wanted to sign your new guest book. Looks good.
7:55am 04-12-2014
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